Product Builder

Create custom single product designs with the unique drag & drop Product Builder, zero coding required.

Shop Layouts

Design pixel-perfect shops and product listing layouts with a fantastic customer experience that drives sales.

Ajax Filters

Ajax Filters allow users to filter products on the fly based on their needs: category, size, color, brand, price, and more.

Variation Swatches

Impress your customer with modern colors and image swatches, and make them buy items that excite them.

Variation as Product

Variations as single product make product variations available as single products in shop, and category pages.

Variation Gallery

Showcase unlimited additional images for each variation of your variable products without extra plugins.


The Quick-View lets your users get an overview of the product without being directed to the detail page.

Special Features

Wishlist support, Side-Cart, Widgetised Posts module, Catalog Mode, and dedicated e-Commerce features.

Incredible Online Stores

Create every page of your new WooCommerce online store from the visitor’s first interaction to their last when the purchase is complete.

Product Builder

Advanced Drag & Drop Product Builder

Create advanced dynamic Single Product layouts for your WooCommerce website with zero coding required, and hook your clients better than the competition!

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Ajax Filters

Performant configurable Ajax product Filters

Powerful Ajax Filters to help your customers quickly find what they are looking for, speed up the purchase process, and improve the conversion rate of your online shop.

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Shop Layouts

Impressive Shop and Categories layouts

Design pixel-perfect eCommerce and product lists visually and without coding. With in-depth integration with WooCommerce, it’s possible to create an extreme variety of shop listings.

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Variation Swatches

Modern and effective Variation Swatches

Replace the standard WooCommerce variation dropdowns with color, image, and text swatches. Help customers make decisions more quickly with a visual and user-friendly experience.

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Advanced variations

Product Variations as Single Products

The Variations as Single Products option makes your product variations available as single products in shop, category & search result pages.

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Uncode and WooCommerce

Professional WooCommerce websites without coding

Create the ultimate shopping experience for your WooCommerce website with the unique Product Builder, the advanced Ajax Filters, and the dedicated pro features.

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Variation images

Additional Variation Images Gallery

You can showcase unlimited additional images for each variation of your variable products without extra plugins when WooCommerce product variations are switched.

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Cart and Checkout

Custom Cart and Checkout pages design

Build custom WooCommerce Cart, and Checkout pages. With the new modules, you can create the ultimate shopping experience consistent with your design and your clients’ needs.

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Extra shop pages

My Account, Login, and Empty Cart

Customize your My Account, Login, and Empty Cart pages to reflect your brand design. These pages are essential for building customer loyalty and completing the shopping experience.

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More Features

Discover amazing valuable features as the product Quick-View, the Wishlist, the Side-cart, the new Widgetised Posts module, the Catalog Mode, and much more…


Uncode offers a native Quick-View feature with the possibility for each user to create a custom layout, thanks to the Content Block and the use of Dynamic features modules.

Widgetised Filters

Uncode comes with more filtering options, use the regular Categories filtering, the WooCommerce ordering, or the advanced Content Block Widgets filtering.


Side-Cart was one of the most requested features. It adds an elegant sliding panel to display the cart contents on your site with a modern and captivating lateral layout.

Wishlist Support

Uncode introduces support for the popular and free YITH Wihslist’s plugin. It allows your customers to create lists of products they want and share them with family and friends.