Polynucleotide Treatment Benefits, Collagen, Christmas Gift Vouchers!

First up, I delivered my first Polynucleotide training on Wednesday in our Hamilton Clinic.  If you recall, in the summer I did further training in London + must have impressed them as they asked me to be a trainer!  I actually really enjoy training, bringing on the next generation of aesthetic providers. It was a fun-packed day of learning, chatting and diving into all things trout DNA. You probably already know how much I love Polynucleotides: they are simply amazing (I would probably bathe in them if I could).

Experience our Polynucleotide Training, a journey into skin regeneration Polynucleotide Collagen Christmas Vouchers Polynucleotide Training, a journey into skin regeneration Polynucleotide Collagen Christmas Vouchers Polynucleotide Training, a journey into skin regeneration

So what is Polynucleotides treatment?

It is a cutting-edge regenerative skin treatment derived from natural DNA components. It stimulate the skin’s natural healing and repair processes. The Polynucleotides also stimulate collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastic production.

The Benefits of Polynucleotides

Natural-looking results
The promotion of skin healing and remodelling
Improves the quality of skin
Minimal downtime

Who would benefit most from Polynucleotide treatment?

Anyone who has concerns with:

Dehydrated skin
Acne scars
Alopecia and hair loss
Pre and post-surgery scars
Inflammation such as Rosacea

Fine lines and wrinklesI have another training day on the 6th of December, and if any of you NMCs, GDC, or GMC registrants want to get involved, you are more than welcome to join. Just get in touch with Derma Focus Academy

Collagen Rejuvenation: A Christmas Skin Treat

Polynucleotides are a huge part of Collagen Banking.  Don’t wait until your collagen is depleted. Collagen are natural protein’s our bodies produce in order to keep our skin strong & firm. As we get older and enter our over 30s our skins Collagen product slowly starts to decrease causing the skin to lose elasticity, a reduction of the thickness of the epidermis, an increase in the formation of wrinkles and sagging and also make the skin vulnerable and easily damaged.

What is Collagen Banking?

We know what your thinking, can I bank my Collagen? Your collagen stores will deplete but we can keep them as topped up as possible.  As always a combination of treatments is ideal so along with Polynucleotides we have a variety of treatments & procedures we offer within the clinic to help promote & stimulate new Collagen production to keep your skin as healthy, firm & strong as possible:


Microneedling increases the production of collagen and other healing factors by causing trauma to the skin. Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture.

Radio Frequency Microneedling:

Radio Frequency energy heats the underlying layers of skin, causing contraction and tightening of the skin, as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound stimulates the deep layers which support the skin creating a lifted, firm appearance and stimulates the production of further collagen.


It uses a radio frequency energy to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and collagen remodelling (for skin tightening) which helps to contour the body and face.

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Collagen Banking Procedures, including Microneedling and HIFUPolynucleotide Collagen Christmas Vouchers  Collagen Banking Procedures, including Microneedling and HIFU Polynucleotide Collagen Christmas Vouchers  Collagen Banking Procedures, including Microneedling and HIFU Collagen

Is it OK to mention the C word now?  We have gift card vouchers and e-vouchers to give the gift of FTT Skin Clinics this Christmas

Christmas Vouchers

Unlock the magic of the season with our transformative offerings – from the skin-renewing power of Polynucleotides to collagen rejuvenation and the festive joy of Christmas vouchers.


Skin glowing as bright as your Christmas lights!

We are now open 7 days a week now to pop into the clinic for gift vouchers & products. Plenty of time to purchase all your FTT favourites for your loved ones.  Alternatively you can also buy E-Vouchers or shop all of our products online.